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Red Sox Warming Up to Roy

Update – 12:15 PM According to WEEI’s Rob Bradford, the Red Sox would have to move payroll in order to accommodate a deal for Roy Oswalt. In other words, ownership has not approved the deal. The Yankees signed Hiroki Kuroda with permission from ownership. They will not have to make a subsequent move to free up money. That is not the case for the Sox. The Red Sox certainly seem like they are very serious about remaining under the luxury tax threshold. Either way, this does not bode well for a potential deal with any notable free agent.

According to a tweet late last night by Jon Paul Morosi, the Red Sox have continued to be in contact with free agent right handed pitcher Roy Oswalt.

Oswalt is 34 years old and has back issues, but he is certainly still effective. He is reportedly seeking only a one year contract. I would expect him to land a one or two year deal somewhere. Morosi believes it is time for the Red Sox to step up and improve their rotation with the likes of Oswalt or Edwin Jackson. Although I disagree with Morosi’s opinon concerning the Red Sox necessity to compete with the moves the Yankees made on Friday, I do concur with his larger point: The Red Sox need to face reality. Pitching wins, and they don’t have enough.

The fact that the Red Sox continue to kick the tires on Oswalt at least shows that they may be warming up to the idea of spending a bit more than they intended. Yankees GM Brian Cashman exhibited patience with Hiroki Kuroda, and when the price fell, he snatched him up on a one year deal. With approval from ownership, Ben Cherington may try to snag Oswalt on a one year contract for $7MM or so.

Just to be clear, if Oswalt or any other mediocre free agent starter were demanding a multiyear deal, I would be against the potential acquisition. But for one year, the commitment is miniscule and so is the risk. Oswalt, if healthy, could anchor the bottom half of a rotation that is already pretty darn good. A deal for the righty would also likely send Alfredo Aceves back to the bullpen (formally) to serve as a swingman, a role he thrived in last season.

Oswalt seems like he would rather pitch in St. Louis. It is close to home, there is no designated hitter, and the environment isn’t as rabid as it is inPhiladelphia, New York, or Boston. Conversely, it’s possible that he relishes the idea of competing in a baseball hotbed like Boston.  Let’s hope the Red Sox pony up the dough and pluck Oswalt off the market. It’s the right move.

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4 thoughts on “Red Sox Warming Up to Roy

  1. When Did Aceves come out of the Pen? I think he’s staying in there.

    I doubt the Sox land Oswalt, as he will most likely stay the NL pitcher that he is. Jackson might be more believable, but i’d pencil in Saunders or Padilla at the 5 spot at this point if they do hold true to avoiding the luxury tax.

  2. I don’t personally think Aceves will be in the rotation this year, but right now the Red Sox are approaching Spring Training with the intention of stretching out both he and Bard. If the Bard experiment fails and the Sox don’t find a diamond in the rough (Silva, Cook), Aceves may have to start by default. If the Sox HAD to provide their rotation as of today it would be Beckett, Lester, Buch, Bard, and Aceves.

    Saunders, I believe, wants a multiyear deal. I don’t know if the Sox are willing to do that. I doubt it.

  3. richard sierra on said:

    So reading this a couple days late but…If the Sox are unable to court Oswalt/Jackson do they cut their losses and “play with what we got” or do we delve further into the free agency waters? Personally i prefer Jackson although I feel his monetary demands would dictate that we make a bigger push for Roy. The two who are respectively ranked 7th and 17th in Yahoo’s ultimate free agency tracker are followed by; (only listing the next 5 and their ranks) #21 Javy Vasquez (more than likely retiring/returning to the Upper Havana Marlins), #38 Rich Harden (damaged goods/been there), #61 Jeff Francis (That lefty from Canada who has also had health issues), #77 Livan Hernandez (Retirement must be looming if it is for Vasquez), and #78 Kevin Milwood (See #77 as he is suffering from dead arm with a fastball that is leaning towards being just a meatball)


  4. Rich,

    Can’t say I can do a ton of disagreeing. Good research all the way around. Vicente Padilla pretty much says that the Red Sox are content with low money guys competing for a spot in the rotation. Maybe they convince one of them to hang around Pawtucket with the idea that they will at some point be contributors.

    Like I wrote, at this point Oswalt and Jackson aren’t coming to Boston. It would surprise the heck out of me if they did. Then again, I was dumbfounded when they signed Crawford so weirder things have happened.

    As far as getting more scrubs, it’s possible. There’s no shortage of lower tier pitchers like Silva, Cook, and Padilla who think that they can still be effective.

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