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Friday’s Notes: AL West, Ortiz, Crawford (again)

Many fans in New England have spent most of their time this week thinking about the AFC Championship Game this Sunday in Foxborough. Can’t say I blame ‘em. Let’s quickly touch on some important happenings from this week.

  • Before the Boston Baseball Writers dinner, David Ortiz stated that he does not think a deal will get done. In other words, the DH expects an arbitration hearing, something the Red Sox have not had to deal with since 2002. The difference between the Red Sox and Ortiz has everything to do with how each side values the designated hitter. As evidenced by the Victor Martinez negotiations, the Red Sox believe that the DH carries much less value than a player who plays defense. Let’s hope this situation ends amicably.
  • The AL West is going to be fun to watch this year. When I say that, I really mean the games that feature the Angels and the Rangers. Although it was done in the final hour, the Rangers inked Yu Darvish who essentially replaces C.J. Wilson. The former Rangers ace is a member of the totally stacked Angels pitching staff. The whole Prince Fielder situation is quite perplexing. With a lot of the big market teams like the Yankees and the Red Sox having first baseman locked up long term, Fielder’s market hasn’t been what it probably should be. Maybe Fielder takes a short term deal somewhere like Texas with the idea of hitting free agency when there is a better market for him.
  • I don’t blame Carl Crawford for somehow delaying his wrist surgery. I don’t believe he simply ignored throbbing pain in his left wrist for three months. At the same time, I’m not going to let Crawford of the hook for his miserable 2011 campaign. I’ll chalk this one up to bad luck. Either way, it is a bit alarming to have this type of injury after such an awful year because these are supposed to be the good years of his long term contract. When CC does return, I’ll be rooting for him.
  • According to’s Ben Nicholson-Smith, Ryan Braun has appealed his failed drug test. Sometimes, I really wonder who advises these guys. No one has ever won an appeal. He’s not going to win his. Apologizing always works. This isn’t rocket science.
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2 thoughts on “Friday’s Notes: AL West, Ortiz, Crawford (again)

  1. According to, Indians are set to sign Ryan Spillbourghs.. With Ludwick and Splilbourghs set to sign with other teams, I will look for the Sox explore the idea of signing Cody Ross or another low cost outfielder. With crawford undergoing surgery. and possibly not ready for opening day, Darnell McDonald cannot be our only option off the bench to replace him or platoon with Sweeney once CC comes back. Were thin on the outfield, I will say worse than last year, and thats saying alot.

    Whether this option puts a dent on the sox plans to pursue Oswalt or another free agent pitcher remains to be seen, but I still believe Aceves should not be a part of our rotation as he was very effective off the bullpen, and with the limitations that have been mention in this post before, I think we need to look to suprass the luxury tax, for the sake of us contending next year. We will regret not havint an extra outfielder or pitcher down the road.

  2. RS wouldn’t have been a bad signing. I haven’t heard much about Cody Ross recently. Last I heard, he was till too costly. If the Red Sox believe that Crawford’s injury is not bad, they may try to skate by with what they have plus a back up player from inside the organization.

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