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Scutaro Heading to Colorado?

Update – 8:20PM Trade talks for Marco Scutaro, at this point, are dead. No real surprise, but there are still some interesting points to derive from this non-story.

First, the Red Sox obviously believe that the collection of bottom tier pitchers they have accrued over the past month may not actually suffice. Second, they will in fact pursue moving a player salary before looking to sign a pitcher like Roy Oswalt. Third, it is not easy to find a suitor who is willing to eat the majority, if not all, of a player’s contract. Finally, even if Ben Cherington finds a team who is willing to take a player like Marco Scutaro, it is not easy to replace the vacancy that he will ultimately leave. Nick Punto and Mike Aviles are nice complimentary players, but Scutaro is a steady player who performed well down the stretch last season.

This offseason should serve as example for poor signings. Just because a player is available, does not make him a good fit. Sure would be nice to have the cool six million Bobby Jenks made last year or the easy six he will collect this year.

Reports are indicating that a trade could be made involving Marco Scutaro and the Rockies. As of right now, talks have fizzled, and there is really nothing to report. However, this is an indication that Ben Cherington believes that the acquisition of a quality starting pitcher is important. The solution for the Red Sox rotation likely will not come from Colorado. Instead, moving Scutaro, who is set to make $6MM is 2012, would free up money to target a guy like Roy Oswalt.

This would obviously create an interesting situation at shortstop. Mike Aviles and Nick Punto would serve as candidates on the roster to fill the vacancy.

Staying below or as close to the luxury tax threshold is clearly very, very important to the Red Sox. Fans and Dan Shaughnessy can disagree with it all they want, but it is real.

Continue to check back for updates. In other words, I ain’t doin’ much tonight.

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4 thoughts on “Scutaro Heading to Colorado?

  1. The Dupe on said:

    Scutaro has filled the SS void left all the way back from the Hanley trade and Renteria disaster. he goes through some hot streaks, but as mentioned, he’s steady. With the rest of the lineup the way it is, do the Sox need to run bench players out there or rush the kid in Pawtucket? If it gets them a quality SP, then yes. Is Oswalt the answer? Maybe, but only for 1-2 years. There’s still alot of time for wheelin’ and dealin’ before opening day and even after as well so it will be (hopefully) a pleasure to see how the pitching staff plays out.

  2. Good work, Duprey. It’s crazy to think that it wasn’t that long ago that all the Red Sox wanted to do was get a solid #2 to pair with Pedro. Now, we quibble over a four and five starter. Like I’ve said, the success of the rotation will depend on the top three guys. If they throw 190+ innings a piece, the Red Sox make the playoffs.

  3. The Dupe on said:

    That’s a big “if” for those 190 innings. If there has to be a band aid starter at no. 5, I can live with that (like Padilla). However, the staff, as a whole, needs to be solid. offense isn’t what it used to be. Look at the last few World Champs. Unless you’re the Angels, multiple no. 1 guys just aren’t available without giving up other major pieces of the present or future. We’ll have to wait and see while hating the Yankees.

  4. The Cardinals didn’t have an especially good staff. Wainwright was out all year. It’s all about getting hot at the right time.

    I would still go to war with a healthy top three of the Red Sox in a five or seven game series. Buchholz’s ability to lose the training wheels and shoot for 200 innings is key this year.

    Check out my blog calling for Lester to finally be an ace, rather than just a good pitcher.

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