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Don’t Expect Much

Last night, the Globe’s Peter Abraham blogged about how the Red Sox have extremely limited options when it comes to moving a player in order to free up salary to land a Roy Oswalt-type of starting pitcher.

As evidenced by last night’s rumblings, Marco Scutaro is a prime example of a guy that could be moved. The difficulty is replacing Scutaro’s stability at a difficult position. Realistically, Kevin Youkilis is the only other player that could be traded. He is set to make $12MM in 2012. The third baseman also has a $13MM team option for the following year. Will Middlebrooks, the Sox super prospect, is waiting in Pawtucket. He likely still needs some more seasoning before he is handed the full time job at the hot corner.

Abraham also cites Jacoby Ellsbury as an unlikely candidate to be moved, but a candidate nonetheless. A guy like Carl Crawford simply cannot be moved because his contract is too cumbersome for another team to assume. Complimentary players like Ryan Sweeney or Kelly Shoppach would not free up enough money to pursue Oswalt if the Red Sox could negotiate a trade for one of them.

Despite watching Jonathan Papelbon sign with the Phillies and Ben Cherington put together two thrifty trades, the Red Sox still have an extremely fiscally inflexible roster. At this point, I would be surprised if Cherington is able to find a deal that allows the Sox to add quality starting pitching.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Expect Much

  1. The Dupe on said:

    This is very unlike me because I usually want the Sox to make deals at all costs, but I’m thinking the should simply stick to what they have. I know it’s better to be prepared for injuries, but let’s see what a healthy pitching staff and line up can do. How many stretches were there last season when all major players were actually in place? It seemed when the health was there, so were the wins, even with modest fill ins in the pitching staff. It’s not like moves automatically stop once spring training starts. The Sox are one of those teams that deal all year round. I am the most impatient person on earth when it comes to my Boston teams, but I think for now temperance is the key – especially in the clubhouse during games.

  2. If standing pat now increases the chances of them being active at the trade deadline, that is fine with me. There needs to be more financial mobility than there was last year (Eric Bedard).

    Let’s just hope that the Red Sox come in motivated and less comfortable. A lot of these players have big money contracts (even Lester and Buchholz). So maybe the criticism that came after the collapse will kick them into gear.

  3. No! Stop with this Youk-trade talk. No.

  4. Toosoxy–At this point, he clearly isn’t going to be moved now that Scutaro was traded. The point was less about Youkilis as a player but more about the nature of his contract. There just aren’t a lot of players on the Sox who can be traded because of the length and amount of their contracts.

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