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Cody Ross Boston Bound?

You know the stove isn’t very hot when you’re hitting the refresh button to see if Cody Ross has chosen which team he will sign with. I wonder if he’s going to have his own Decision special on ESPN like Lebron James.

The former NLCS MVP is a fine right handed outfielder who hits left handed pitching rather well. The Red Sox shed some payroll after moving Marco Scutaro to the Rockies. For luxury tax purposes, Scutaro freed up close to $8MM. Alex Speier of does an excellent job explaining this here. So the Sox have some flexibility to add a piece or two. It seems like they’re going to pull the trigger on Ross who represents some much-needed outfield depth in the form of a right haded bat.

It will be interesting to see how a deal for Ross would affect their ability to pursue Roy Oswalt or Gavin Floyd.

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11 thoughts on “Cody Ross Boston Bound?

  1. Stars are aligning to what I mentioned a few days ago.. Sox securing a strong bat, a much needed bat that now balances our outfield. If he signs for one year, 3 – 4 million, that will be an absolute steal.

    So what next? I still see Cherington pursuing Oswalt to sign with us, or look into trading for Gavin Floyd.
    Another route they could take is look into signing Ryan Theriot from the free agency.

  2. I agree with your Jorge. I hate that they were in a position where they HAD to make a salary dump. Cody Ross isn’t an All Star though. He’s not bad, certainly not great.

  3. i would be much more happy signing ross for that type of money as he could go off and be a spark that the sox need if a big name is struggling for a little period…. Ross is capable of this… and if we do sign him for one year 3-4 million or 2 years 5 million that would be fine, whether he starts or is a utility that would be a great signing..
    not to pumped if they blow some money on oswalt… unless it is very small.. i wouldnt expect much from him… floyd wouldnt be bad but its not worth giving up a ton

  4. Cody Ross signs for one year, 3/million + incentives. This is a steal if you ask me: to sign this player for this kind of money, when he was looking originally for a 2 to three year contract.
    Now only if we could sign Roy Oswalt for a one year 4m to 5m contract, BEN WILL LOOK LIKE A GENIOUS

  5. Cory–agree with your comments regarding Cody Ross. He’s certainly not a great player, but he offers outfield versatility and will provide some much needed pop from the right side.

    I do disagree about Oswalt. I think he would be a very good signing, if he is healthy. Before back problems limited him last year, he was remarkably consistent. The Red Sox won’t need 230 innings out of him, but he could be a nice addition to the bottom half of the rotation. Floyd is fine too, but he would have to come via trade, whereas Oswalt is a FA.

    I’m interested to see what happens now that the Sox have secured Ross.

    Jorge–if the Red Sox can pluck Oswalt for 4-5 mill, that would be unreal. So far, good.

  6. i hear ya on oswalt,… im just nervous about him in the AL East, i dont think he is going to be very effective at all, but he could have some good starts and he is better than most available pitchers.. all and all he will help the rotation especially if they are injury prone again like every other year.
    i just really hope Ben doesnt panic late in free agency and over pay for someone who is probably not going to be a substancial contributor…

  7. The AL East is tough, no doubt about it. I can understand concerns about that. I’m not even saying that they should go out and get Oswalt. All I’m saying is that it would certainly be an upgrade.

    I wouldn’t worry about Cherington overpaying for anyone. He had to trade his starting shortstop to free up some cash. Anyone who is added to the Red Sox would have to come at their price.

  8. thedupe1110 on said:

    Prince Fielder to Detroit?! Wow

  9. Pretty unreal. Did not see that coming. His defense is below average, I believe, but he obviously rakes. I would rather pay him that type of deal that Albert Pujols. Good for Prince, not good for AL Central.

    Because the schedule makers are awful and interleague play is a joke, the Sox probably won’t have to face him a ton.

  10. That’s a TERRIBLE deal for the Tigers! But more importantly, if that fat schmuck can get that kind of deal what the hell is Boras gonna get for Jacoby? Ugh.

  11. Makes Gonzo’s deal look great!

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