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Friday’s Notes

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  • It sounds like J.D. Drew is going to retire from baseball. But even if he chooses to play another year, it certainly won’t be with the Red Sox. Thanks to this guy, we know that Drew’s number won’t be immediately retired.
  • According to the Globe’s Peter Abraham, Kevin Youkilis knew early on that the Red Sox clubhouse wasn’t quite right: “It was very different,’’ said Youkilis. “It was noticeable early, but when you win, winning heals all the wounds. But we definitely didn’t have the right attitude in a lot of ways.” Youkilis hosted a charity event for Youk’s Kids yesterday. Keep in mind that the majority of the same team will be back in 2012. It will be up guys like Youkilis and Dustin Pedroia to be sure that the Red Sox assume the right attitude. They need to have each others’ backs. I’m sure Bobby Valentine will drive that point home throughout Spring Training and into the season.
  • Via Twitter, Nick Cafardo is reporting that as of last night the Red Sox and Edwin Jackson were not close on a deal.
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2 thoughts on “Friday’s Notes

  1. The Dupe on said:

    And now we wait. I am not unhappy with the position player signings and the bullpen looks good as well – though it did last year at this time too. The Sox need that arm or two at SP spots 4+5. If they got Jackson at a 1-2 year deal that would be good.

    I hate this time of year. We have the Superbowl hype to deal with all for one game (though the Pats are in it this year), fantasy baseball is on the horizon (about 2 weeks), and March Madness isn’t until…well..March. Good thing you have this blog Dan.

  2. It’s true. The Red Sox have some financial flexibility. They have to choose whether to utilize now or at the deadline. I don’t need instant gratification–I can wait till the end of July. They just better get some pitching help at some point. Like I’ve been saying, ultimately, I don’t care who is in the four or five slot as long as L, B, and B are healthy. If none of the top three suffer any long-term injuries, Sox make the playoffs. They’re not very different from the team who dominated May-August.

    Be sure to leave your thoughts on the new Sam Adams spring seasonal, too.

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