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Tuesday’s Notes

109 years ago today, Tom Yawkey was born. 30 years and four days later, he bought the Red Sox.

As for today’s news on all things Red Sox…

  • It only took four months, but the Red Sox finally received their compensation from the Cubs for letting former GM Theo Epstein out of the final year of his contract. It’s not Starlin Castro. I’m 100 percent sure it is not Matt Garza, and when I last checked, John Lackey was still under contract with the Red Sox. Chris Carpenter is a 26 year old right handed relief pitcher who throws hard but lacks Greg Maddux-like control to say the least. A former third round pick, Carpenter had a cup of coffee with the big club last season on the south side of Chicago. However, he pitched primarily in Double-A and Triple-A. Sounds good to me. Glad it’s done. Let’s all move on with life…unless the Cubs want Lackey. No? Alright, just checkin’.
  • Carl Crawford believes that he will like playing under new manager Bobby Valentine. The Globe’s Peter Abraham thinks that Valentine will do Crawford a ton of good. At this point, I’ll hang my hat on anything when it comes to this guy. Unless he rebounds this season, Crawford will take over as the new J.D. Drew, a player who is haunted by a massive contract that overshadows his performance on the field.  The guy desperately wants to succeed. He works hard and tries even harder. Count me as someone who will be rooting hard for CC when he gets back from his wrist injury.
  • Crawford, a soft spoken guy, didn’t really like John Henry’s comments concerning his position against inking the speedy free agent last winter. Whatever. It doesn’t really seem like it’s going to be an issue. I’m sure my boss regrets hiring me, so no sweat.
  • I hope we can all collectively move on from the clubhouse issues that allegedly plagued the 2011 Red Sox. Jon Lester owned up to whatever mistakes were made. Josh Beckett was about as contrite as you’re going to see him. I’m beyond tired of hearing people who call into the sports talk radio shows in our neck of the woods and say they want an apology because the Red Sox wasted the fans’ money. Get real and stop wasting my time. Let’s just play baseball.
  • Dice-K and Valentine played catch together today. I had a toaster strudel for breakfast. Thrilling on both counts.
  • As expected, Valentine has already begun to stress fundamentals. In past years, pitchers went through drills in Spring Training by simulating the throws to the respective bases rather than using baseballs. This was designed to preserve the arms of pitchers participating in the drills. This spring? Not so much. Hands were not empty during today’s workouts. Pitcher participating used real baseballs. Valentine’s reasoning was simple: “If we’re going to practice something, I’d like to have it as close to game-real as possible. Otherwise, why bother?” I dig it.
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5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Notes

  1. I think the Sox should’ve held out for Chet Steadman from the Cubs. A little long in the tooth but shows good promise as a future pitching coach.

  2. Ughhh… There go my dreams of having a darwin barney tee… Seriously Theo how do you manage to even SCREW US OVER with another team? Of all the possibilities we could end up with, we end up with this clown..

    Trey Mcnutt? No, could have been out 7th inning reliever in the next 2 years.. Brett Jackson? Out of the question.. Marlyn Byrd? Ehh to important for us..

    Chris Carpenter? Wait wait, THE Chris Carpenter? Theo smirking: The One and Only! Ben Cherington: You got a deal sir..

    On a more serious note.. I think billy the goat will have been a much better trade than this slap in the face.. 4 MONTHS for this??!

  3. good choice with the toaster strudel… cant go wrong with that

    Dan, you look like Chris Carpenter

    On a serious note, I’m very happy that Bobby V is implementing his changes right away… not wasting any time, I like it

    I know its a small thing but the players know he is serious about changing things for the better and its not just a power thing. I really believe that the changes that he is going to make are going to get this team back on track…
    Or they will hate him and all hell will break lose before the sox even get back to Boston….




  5. Ryan, personally, I was pulling for Steadman.

    Cory, you’re the one that called Bobby V coming to the Sox. All I have to say to that is ONIONS!

    Jorge, if Oswalt signs somewhere other than Boston, I don’t want to hear his name for the rest of my life. Deal? haha.

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