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So Sick of Roy Oswalt

Update — 2:50PM Roy Oswalt is not a member of the Boston Red Sox. He isn’t a Cardinal or a Ranger either. It sounds like he may lean towards signing on with a team in the middle of the season. Can’t wait.


If I have to post about Roy Oswalt again this offseason, I’ll be damned if I have to include another photo of him. The shot of Carl Crawford and Bobby Valentine coming together earlier this week in Fort Myers is much more appealing. (“Hey! You owe me five!”).

Jim Bowden of ESPN tweeted yesterday that Oswalt’s decision on where he will play in 2012 could come as early as today. Close to a month ago, I wrote that Oswalt was likely heading to St. Louis. So much for that.

At this point, it’s nearly impossible to guess to where this guy is going to end up. Texas, St. Louis, and Boston have all expressed interest at one time or another. The former two have roster and financial restrictions that have served as roadblocks in terms of acquiring Oswalt. An Oswalt-Red Sox marriage almost makes too much sense.

Bowden’s tweet certainly infers that Oswalt has several different options to choose from. I’m not so sure that’s the case, but who knows? It is not clear if GM Ben Cherington and the Red Sox even have an offer on the table to Oswalt. However, when the veteran right handed starting pitcher opens his front door today in Mississippi, the Red Sox may be in the only team waiting on the doorstep. Either way, we’ll keep you posted.

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2 thoughts on “So Sick of Roy Oswalt

  1. Quite frankly if he, or any pitcher for that matter, doesn’t want to come to the sox because he’s afraid of pitching in the AL East, than I wouldn’t want him anyway.

  2. I’m basically on board with you. I’m not sure it is the AL East or the geography–probably a combination of both. He has pitched in a big market before, so he knows what it is about. I’m just sick of talking about him.

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