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Quick Notes on a Wednesday

So, we got some snow today.

I guess Kevin Youkilis was pretty surprised too. Whether it’s someone’s Facebook status or a conversation that I eavesdrop on while at work, I hate loathe when people enjoy, wish, or look forward to snow. Show me a person that likes snow, I’ll show you a person who doesn’t own a shovel. Back to sunny Florida.

  • Don’t blame me, Luke Scott. Blame the (lack of) Orioles’ fans. Fist bump to Peter Abraham.
  • Peter Gammons believes that the 2012 Rays can be even better than last year. I don’t disagree with him, but I’m still not sure they have the offensive juice needed to win throughout the dog days of the summer. They’ve got some serious muscle in their rotation. No doubt about that. Pitching wins in October, but you still need to get there. 7-20 don’t happen every September.
  • The Rays, Yankees, Red Sox, and hell, even the Blue Jays can raise their glasses to the news of an expanded playoff. I like it a lot. Each league will add an extra wild card team. The two wild card teams will face off in a one-game, loser-goes-home playoff game. Naturally, the winner goes on to play the Yankees–er, I mean one of the three division winners. In the meantime, I’m going to pretend that the league has made this decision based on their intention to place more of an importance on winning a teams’ respective division and not the extra cash that will undoubtedly be generated. All this means is that I need to start figuring out which scalper is going to receive my donation of $200 for a bleacher seat at Fenway.
  • This article makes me want to get together with a few buddies, grab an 18 pack, and have a useless discussion that lasts way too long.
  • New age analysis and statistics that go way beyond batting averages and home run totals certainly have a big place in today’s game. There’s no doubting it, and you’re not going to beat them (sabermetricians), so you might as well join them. Nevertheless, I put a lot of stock in guys who are around the game and its participants on a day-to-day basis. Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe has stated on multiple occasions that Carl Crawford seems to be a different guy this spring. Apparently, he seems much more comfortable in his own skin. Abraham is convinced that fans will see a much better version of Crawford in 2012. It’s obviously not hard to improve on what amounted to an abysmal inaugural season in Boston, but it is encouraging to hear praise from Abraham this early in the spring. He does not have a responsibility to place any sort of positive spin on Crawford’s outlook if he didn’t believe it to be true.
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