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Fantasy Can Reveal a lot About Reality

The morning before a fantasy draft. What a great feeling. Endless possibilities. A clean slate. The whole sha-bang.

Twice a year, once for football and once for baseball, a few buddiesamine (yeah, that’s right buddies-a-mine) get together for a handful of hours filled with food, sports banter, lewd jokes, and cold beer. Oh, and we draft real players, putting them together on a fantasy team. The better the players perform in the actual game, the better our fantasy teams do in the standings. Simple enough.

What I’m really trying to say is that my life is so incredibly boring, I not only devote a large portion of my free time to following teams like the Red Sox and the Patriots, I actually feel compelled to seek refuge from the reality of those sports in the form of fantasy teams. Pretty soon we will be getting together two months before our Fantasy Baseball Draft to conduct our fantasy-fantasy draft.

On a serious note, I have the ninth pick today in a ten team, 5×5 league, and I’m scrambling around with notes, some awful fantasy baseball magazine that I think came out before Halloween, and some printouts that will likely provide no help whatsoever. I feel like I’m getting ready to take a test on a subject I should know extremely well. Instead, I’ll probably just end up with a C- on the exam and just hope that the rest of the class performs equally as pedestrian.

Knowing your classmates is almost as important as the material on the test. The nine other guys in the league are pretty similar. It is a group compromised largely of Red Sox fans. This means a couple of things:

  1. Adrian Gonzalez and Jacoby Ellsbury, surer than you’re born, will be gone by the time my number is called.
  2. If I want a quality fantasy player from the Red Sox roster (and there are plenty), it is likely that I will have to reach a bit to snag one.

When drafting, it’s important to know who your league-mates. You’ll be able to mold your strategy in a way that capitalizes on their tendencies. Remember, fantasy drafts aren’t supposed to be opportunities to gather your favorite players together in a group and see what happens. Yeah, Dustin Pedroia is about as solid as it gets, but there are better picks in the middle half of the first round. Easier said than done. Trust me, I know.

This is certainly not a fantasy advice column, but I’ll offer once last piece that I truly believe in. Fantasy baseball is a war of attrition. It is a long grueling season for players and fantasy managers alike. Daily maintenance isn’t an option. It is a requirement. When drafting, select guys who play every single day. Half three-quarters of the battle is won just by showing up. You can’t get an RBI, score a run, or a record a strikeout if you’re rehabbing or nursing a hamstring. Robinson Cano hasn’t missed a game since Seinfeld stopped airing new episodes. Roy Halladay is a sure fire bet for 30 starts. The Doc don’t miss appointments. It’s a lot like drafting (or picking up on waivers) Marshawn Lynch in fantasy football. He’s not the sexiest back around, but he gets 30 touches a game. Sometimes, just being on the field is the most important part. Target guys that show up for work.

No matter what, have fun. Whether it’s an online or live drive, enjoy yourself for the handful of hours you get to escape reality. In the grand scheme of things, fantasy baseball drafts are just a precursor to the real holiday–Opening Day.

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4 thoughts on “Fantasy Can Reveal a lot About Reality

  1. Solid, dead on.

    Lynch was a nice touch.

  2. Well done Daniel-san, but no talk balance. team must have balance for success otherwise no catch fly with chopstick. Especially in 5×5 format, pitch, hit, run – all important for win.

  3. I like it when the person picking right before me writes a blog describing the types of players he likes and doesn’t like to pick. .

  4. Jorge on said:

    Roy Halladay, Joey Votto and Possibly Cano are sexy picks for 9th spot

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