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Observations on the Red Sox…and some other stuff

This tweet by WEEI’s John Meterparel  is silly. I just hope no innocent reader heeds his advice.

It seems like longtime 4-A Red Sox farmhand Michael Bowden has a real shot at breaking camp with the (Boston) Red Sox. As Red Sox fans, we are used to see Bowden’s face at a game in Rhode Island or in the middle of a blowout in Boston. He is young (25) and throws a heavy ball. Look for him to be in the bullpen with the big boys.

Hall of Famer and one of my personal favorites, Carl Yastrzemski is a firm believer in tipping back a few cold guys on a flight. As long as the Red Sox players have the opportunity (which they will) to have a couple of beers while traveling by plane, Yaz sees no issue with the alcohol ban in the clubhouse.

I hate these play-in games for the NCAA tournament. They may be competitive or even entertaining (see BYU coming from 25 points down), but it’s not for me. I’m sure someone far more educated on this issue like Jay Bilas could explain it better, but why the hell are two 12-seeds playing in a play-in game? South Florida and California will square off tonight–I don’t get it. Wake me up when it’s Thursday afternoon.

I don’t know where the Red Sox will be when game 162 comes to an end, but I promise you that they will be better prepared for game 1 this year than they were last year. It’s not a knock on Terry Francona. It’s a fact.

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2 thoughts on “Observations on the Red Sox…and some other stuff

  1. Yaz = my favorite old school player. I agree they don’t start 2-10. Over confidence last year? I don’t think so. Public panic? Absolutely because people, myself included, were thinking they would go 162-0. Take out April and September – what was the Sox record? My guess is the best in the AL if not all of baseball. Consistency will be the key along with addressing injuries with quality replacements. No news there, but something that didn’t happen last year.

  2. You always hear that you can’t win a pennant in April, and that those games don’t really matter. I understand the point that games in August-September carry more importance, but last I heard a win in April is worth the same as a win in September.

    The bookends of the season last year were miserable. I don’t know Valentine will impact the team over 162 games, but I’m confident that they will be extremely ready when April 5 rolls around.

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