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Monday’s Red Sox Notes

We are just a little over ten days away from Opening Day in Detroit. Bobby Valentine and the Red Sox have a few roster decisions to make over the course of the next several days. I believe that the choices are relatively obvious, but let’s take a closer look.

Daniel Bard and Felix Doubront will be the fourth and fifth starters, respectively, to open the season. I’m only touching on this because it is a hot button issue around the team. In reality, the first 2-3 weeks of the regular season only calls for four starters. The games are spread out enough for a team to use a four-man rotation. Nevertheless, Doubront has pitched well and deserves a shot. I just hope he is able to exhibit good command and keep his walk totals down.

–The “rift” between Valentine and Cherington has been vastly overblown. Front office members and managers should disagree. It’s healthy.

–In order for Jose Iglesias to have won the Opening Day starting shortstop job, he needed to have a good spring, while Mike Aviles had a poor one. Aviles, although not as defensively gifted as Iglesias, has put together a quality spring. He scorched a couple of balls in the afternoon game yesterday against Toronto. Unless there is some sort of injury between now and Opening Day, Aviles will be playing shortstop in Detroit on April 5. If given a dose of truth serum, I’m sure Valentine would choose Iglesias, but Aviles has made it tough for him to make a case to GM Ben Cherington as to why the Cuban phenom should open the season at shortstop.

Alfredo Aceves belongs in the Red Sox bullpen. He would likely be a welcomed starter on many teams, but his value to the Sox is undoubtedly in the bullpen. Ace has shown an ability to pitch in high leverage situations late in games. That is extremely valuable.

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4 thoughts on “Monday’s Red Sox Notes

  1. I wanted Ace to get the 5th spot but Felix has earned it. Before he came into camp last year very out of shape, he was a pretty highly regarded prospect. I’m excited to see what he can do since he seems to be motivated now. And I like have 2 lefties in the rotation.

    Agree about how overblown the “rift” is. Quite frankly it’s embarrassing coverage by the local media. Just trying to rile everyone up. When does a manager and GM disagreeing about the 25 man roster = “power struggle”? My god these exact same disagreements/discussions are going on between EVERY SINGLE Manager and GM in the league. Happened quite often with Theo/Tito. Happened with Torre/Cashman, Maddon/Friedman and every other manager/gm combo ever. This is nothing more than lazy reporters using Bobby V’s rep to crank out some extra paragraphs or fill a few extra hours of radio time.

    And Although I’m an Iglesias guy, I just don’t think he’s ready yet. Maybe on another team but Aviles has at least earned the right to fail first before they make the switch. There is literally no downside to letting Jose start at McCoy for a month or so and then reevaluate things.

  2. Ryan, seems as though you and I are on the same page about most issues, with the exception fo Aceves being in the rotation. It’s just a matter of opinion, but I feel like his value out of the bullpen outweighs his potential impact as a fifth starter.

    The whole idea of there being a rift is really silly. I thought it was silly when it was first talked about, but especially after reading Chris Gasper’s piece in the Globe.

    Iglesias getting some more AB’s in Pawtucket makes sense to me. On the other hand, the offense for the Red Sox is probably the only sure thing right now. Sacrificing some production for improved defense on the left side would also make a ton of sense as well.

    Doubront is interesting. He’s still very young–23 I believe–but has had 4-5 years in the minors. Let’s hope he takes advantage of the opportunity.

  3. Jorge on said:

    Dan, I know its hurting you, heck its sickening you how bad the “compensantion” we got for Theo is turning out to be…

    Nows he’s out for a few months.. This just keeps getting better

  4. And the Red Sox knew about CC’s wrist pain. Hm..

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