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Recommended Places to Get Your Baseball Fix

The 2012 Major League Baseball season gets underway this week. Ozzie Guillen and his Marlins will unveil their beautiful new stadium on Wednesday night as they host the Cardinals. For everyone else, Opening Day will be Thursday April 5.

Yes, I’m aware that the Mariners and Athletics squared off in the Far East last week. I get up relatively early during the week, but not early enough to catch a game that is taking place in Japan. Although I did make it a point to be vertical when Manny Ramirez and the Red Sox opened up in Japan in 2008.

As we welcome another glorious baseball season, I felt it was important to provide all eight of my readers with a list of the best places to go for Red Sox news. Many of these sources also serve as excellent avenues for baseball news from across the big leagues–minors too. After each one of my suggestions, I have included at least one Twitter handle that corresponds to the site or program listed before it.  So in the interest of being informed, let’s go.

MLB Trade Rumors – This is a very cool site that keeps its readers up to date on news and transactions throughout the world of baseball. Tim Dierkes, the site’s founder, and his team of writers won’t be making appearances on Baseball Tonight, but they’re some of the best at what they do. I frequent MLBTR on a daily basis, but it is especially helpful during the Hot Stove season as well as the days leading up to the trade deadline. Here is an example of the recognition that the folks at MLBTR earn:

Keep MLB Trade Rumors in your rotation. You won’t regret it. @mlbtraderumors

Nick Cafardo’s Sunday Baseball Notes – Taxes, death, and Nick Cafardo’s trip around the majors on Sunday. Can’t avoid ‘em. Cafardo does a nice job providing his readers with a bevy of both useful and useless baseball information in his weekly piece. In this past Sunday’s edition, Cafardo ranked the best managers in baseball. Each week, he provides an update on nine guys around MLB. It is a nice way to pass a few minutes on a Sunday morning, and I guarantee you will learn something new after reading it, no matter how closely you follow the game of baseball. Oh–did you know that Frank Castillo turned 43 this past weekend? @nickcafardo

Over the Monster – A blog that offers a plethora of updates on the Sox throughout the day, OTM does a nice job incorporating a tremendous amount of statistical analysis in their pieces. The writers at Over the Monster are both entertaining and informative. Sabermetric analysis is often cumbersome and difficult to dissect. Frankly, it can make you feel like Catherine just revved up the microwave. However, the folks at OTM break things down in an easy to understand fashion, without watering down any of the information they are presenting. This piece by Marc Normandin is a perfect example. @OverTheMonster @Marc_Normandin

Sox Prospects – Just awesome. The place to go for information across the Red Sox farm system. You will not find in-depth analysis on minor league prospects for the Sox anywhere else. The player page for Anthony Ranaudo is a just a nugget of what you get at Sox Prospects, but it is super cool nonetheless. @SoxProspects @MikeAndrewsSP

River Avenue Blues – I’m not going to be coy here–it’s a Yankees blog. So if that turns you off, I understand. No need to read on. However, it is a really, really well done Yankees blog. I enjoy reading about how other baseball enthusiasts from markets that are similar to Boston are feeling about their team on a given day. Mike Axisa does a ton of writing for this site. He is also a contributor at MLBTR. He does an equally good job at both. I would be giving bad information if I suggested a better place to go to gauge the pulse around the Bronx Bombers. Give it a shot. @RiverAveBlues @mikeaxisa

Sunday mornings on WEEI – This past Sunday from 9 am-12 pm, Dale Arnold, Rob Bradford, and one of my favorites, Steve Buckley, dealt with a variety of issues across the Boston sports landscape. However, the trio focused on the Red Sox. Arnold does a nice job hosting the show, while offering objective opinions that are grounded in years as a play-by-play announcer. Bradford is connected with the team and many of its prominent members, including Josh Beckett. Bradford’s views on the Ole Towne Team are insightful and well-respected. Buckley is an old school baseball guy and a seamhead at heart. His opinions are smart and sculpted out of decades of witnessing what he has dubbed the “Boston Baseball Experience”. Whether you are driving or simply looking for some finely tuned, local baseball analysis on the radio, tune in to this show throughout the summer. @bradfo @DaleEArnold @BuckinBoston

Extra Bases – The Boston Globe’s Red Sox blog is a great source for news, inning by inning updates, and pre-game lineups. Personally, I am a big fan of Peter Abraham. He is a local guy who has covered UConn men’s basketball for the Norwich Bulletin. Abraham has a way of sifting through the noise that surrounds the Red Sox and delivering succinct analysis. Extra Bases is often the first place I go when I want more than a brief one liner from Twitter. @PeteAbe


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4 thoughts on “Recommended Places to Get Your Baseball Fix

  1. Ryan on said:

    Good stuff. Except for Cafardo. One of the worst baseball writers in the country.

  2. Really? I tend to like him. I like the Sunday Baseball Notes!

  3. Good guide. I’ll be referring to it from time to time as the season unfolds. I don’t understand the Catherine Fires Up the Microwave bit, but I got to watch some Christmas Vacation, anyhow.

  4. haha–Well when Catherine fires up the microwave, Eddie pisses his pants and forgets who he is for a half hour. That’s how I usually feel after reading a piece involving in-depth statistical analysis. I probably should have cemented the connection better!

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