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Monkey Off Back

It’s a win. It’s the first one. And I’ll take it.

I’m not sure if you could find two guys who, on the surface, are anymore opposite than Felix Doubront and Scott Atchison. Doubront is a Venezuelan 24 year old left handed  starter who is primed to make his imprint as a hurler this year. Atchison is right handed 36 year old Texas native who is a long reliever in the Red Sox bullpen. Typically, he is relegated to to mop-up duty when the Sox are ahead or down by a crooked number. It would be an understatement to say that the decision-makers on Yawkey Way have vastly different outlooks for these two players.

Just as Doubront and Atchison are starkly different, the pair is uniquely similar. Neither pitcher was guaranteed a major league job before Spring Training. Last night, however, the two went a long way in proving that they belong on the big club.

Doubront tossed five innings, allowed two runs, and struck out six Blue Jays. There were points in which the game could have gotten the better of the left hander, but he remained composed, giving the Red Sox a chance to win. Inefficiency, as it usually is with Doubront, limited him to five innings.

Cue Atchison.

With Vicente Padilla unavailable after pitching four valuable innings the day before in Detroit and Alfredo Aceves on hold until a save situation crops up, it was Atchison who Valentine wen with after Doubront finished his fifth frame of work.

The righty who is entering his third year with the Red Sox organization checked into the game and promptly diced up the Blue Jays lineup for three smooth innings. He fanned three Jays, permitted one hit, and cut his fastball masterfully.

The Red Sox offense rallied for three runs in the top of the ninth. Aceves closed the door. And Atchison was credited with the win.

He earned it.

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One thought on “Monkey Off Back

  1. Atchison could be this years Aceves. Under control he can give the team middle inning reliefe to bridge to set up and closer. I think the Sox were hoping Bowden would be that person as he is younger and throws harder but he can never step up to that next level. Time will tell but i think the clock is running out on Bowden sox future.

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