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Beyond Stupid

I wasn’t watching the Red Sox game on Sunday. I didn’t see one pitch. Instead, I was busy watching the Patriots piss away a victory against the suddenly pesky Arizona Cardinals. At home. In a week where both the Ravens and the Jets lost.

But I digress.

The Sox were north of the border, completing an utterly meaningless three-game series against the equally as awful Blue Jays. It was the top of the seventh inning, and the Local Nine found themselves in a scoreless game with two outs. Pedro Ciriaco delivered a single, and Jose Iglesias stepped to the plate. On the fourth pitch of the at-bat, Ciriaco swiped second base.

Enter Idiot.

Bobby Valentine sent pinch hitter Daniel Nava to the plate to relieve Iglesias. In the middle of his at-bat. In a 2-2 count. In a game that most literally means nothing. Nava, who was probably just as uncomfortable as the 22-year old Iglesias, promptly grounded out on the first pitch he saw. Inning over.

I have no issue with Valentine attempting to win ballgames in the final handful of weeks of the season. Of course that is until he starts acting like a total assclown on the field.

If Valentine is truly determined to pile up as many meaningless wins as he can, here is an idea: Pinch hit Nava for Iglesias before the young shortstop even digs in the batter’s box. That move would have at least been justifiable, given the fact that Nava would be hitting from the left side, making it more difficult for the right-handed throwing catcher to nab the soon-to-be stealing Ciriaco. Let’s not forget that any hitter prefers a fresh count rather than being thrust into a two-strike situation.

Valentine is still employed by the Red Sox, and I’m not sure why. But if this latest act of utter stupidity does not force ownership’s hand, I don’t believe anything will. Count on Valentine managing this team throughout the remainder of the season–that includes the three-game series in New York to end the year.


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11 thoughts on “Beyond Stupid

  1. Ya know, I’ve tried really hard to not fall off the Bobby V bandwagon. From day 1 I was really pulling for the guy and the team. Seeing him at the Red Sox Town Hall Meeting in Worcester before spring training made me like the guy even more. He had this likable “I’m just a good guy” style to him. I didn’t think too much about him during the made-for-daytime-tv drama that went down every other day. I felt he got a bad wrap(no pun intended) on a lot of the issues that have plagued the team this year. However, after pulling Iglesias in the middle of an at bat, in the middle of what equals out to be a scrimmage in my mind, I now think it’s time for him to go. Pulling a batter in that situation, regardless of the batters experience is just crazy and unprofessional. Pulling a rookie with great potential, who’s on the line of either being a great developing player or a great dissappointment, calls for the ole’ pink slip. I thinks it’s time for Bobby to return to Hurricaine Relief duties in Stamford, CT. If there ever was a time to hide behind a fake mustache Bobby, I’d say this is it.

    • Craig, really good comment. Valentine made me look pretty bad too — I had higher hopes for him. He has turned out to be condescending and pretty self-absorbed. Need a team first guy, and Bobby is not that.

  2. Strange event for sure….BUT I don’t think there was ever a thought he would not finish the year, let him finish what he started. Let someone else start fresh in the Spring. I’d expect an announcement the Friday, after the season ends. Bye Bye Bobby.

    • Joe, you’re probably right, and I tend to agree that he will finish out the year. Remy recently said that he wouldn’t be surprised if Bobby was back! The only caveat is that Valentine could potentially blow up in the media when he’s in NY during the final series. He has a lot of friends there.

  3. They need to do SOMETHING…I’m a bartender out of state and sick of hearing it about my team from all my regulars ;)

    • Hey Erin. I hear you. This season has been rough, but I’m actually not totally upset over it. A solid, new manager who is going with his players, front office, and understands the nature of the media here will go a long way.

  4. I think he’s in “what the hell do I need to do to get canned?” mode. I assume we’ll soon hear stories of him wiping his mouth with Ted’s jersey during lunch and some time next week he’ll just drive around in circles around the park dragging the 2004 trophy behind him.

    • Haha Ryan great reference. I don’t know if he’s trying to get canned, but I do think he wants people to think that he’s super smart. He seems pretty insecure. I was wrong on him — really thought he’d be a better fit.

      • I think a lot of us were wrong. I certainly was. I thought he would be great. Especially when he ran such a tight ship during spring training. Unfortunately the club seems to be stuck. Fire him and the already diva players get their way again, or do the wrong thing for the future of the franchise and bring him back.

  5. Bobby V. on said:

    YOU’RE beyond stupid.

    • Whatever Bobby. Be like that. But I do appreciate the straight forwardness of your comment. It’s a refreshing departure from your constant passive aggressive comments in post-game pressers and radio interviews.

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