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Waiting for Farrell

The Bobby Valentine era lasted less than one calendar year, but it felt like a decade. I’d love to be able to tell my readers that I saw the writing on the wall when Valentine was hired, that I knew he would about as useful as a warm fart on a hot day. But I can’t. I was very, very wrong.

But that’s okay, right? We’re all wrong at some point. Hell, I thought majoring in English was a good idea.

It’s time to get caught up on the Red Sox managerial search that I hope doesn’t last as long as the one that brought Captain Idiot to town. One thought per bullet. Let’s go.

  • John Farrell is the clear front-runner for the job.
  • I don’t put much stock in Farrell’s sub .500 record as a manager in Toronto.
  • Terry Francona’s record as a manager was terrible when he was hired by the Red Sox.
  • Francona is probably the greatest manager in Red Sox hisotry.
  • By “much stock”, I mean none.
  • The Blue Jays wanted Clay Buchholz for Farrell last season.
  • He has one-year left on his deal, rendering him a lame duck manager.
  • The asking price, if any, will be much, much less.
  • Larry Lucchino and Paul Beeston are very good friends.
  • Paul Beeston is the President of the Blue Jays.
  • I wish my last name was “Beeston”.
  • Farrell isn’t the be all end all, but I believe he brings a great deal of really good things to the table.
  • I won’t be heartbroken if Farrell isn’t managing this team in 2013.
  • No matter who the Red Sox hire, he must be able to earn the trust of the players, communicate well with brass, and manage the pressure that comes with being the skipper of a baseball team that plays in Boston.
  • I hope the Red Sox get their man.

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One thought on “Waiting for Farrell

  1. How about going after Ryan Sandberg? Give the guy a chance to coach.. hes been rock solid in Triple A…. brings charisma, attitude.. not afraid to get in peoples face.. Heck we wont even have to give someone from our farm system up.. WIN WIN Situation..

    I will hire a combination of Sandberg and Sandy Alomar Jr. as my bench coach.. Now that’s a winning duo that will sure turn us around in the following years.

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