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It’s the Mold, Not the Man

On Monday, the Red Sox interviewed Tony Pena, the Yankees’ bench coach. A few days before, the folks on Yawkey Way met with Tim Wallach. Brad Ausmus and Demarlo Hale are due in to town later this week.

But isn’t John Farrell their guy?

Yeah, probably. But in reality, it is what Farrell represents that truly attracts the eye of Red Sox brass. He is a respected figure within the clubhouse and works well with baseball operations. Farrell’s lack of success in his first two years as a big league manager is neutralized by his strong pitching pedigree.

Just as important, Farrell seems to be a candidate that GM Ben Cherington fully endorses–he was a wanted man by the Red Sox this time last year as well. We all saw the dysfunction that results from hiring a manager that the person in charge of hiring the manager doesn’t sign off on.

It does not matter if the next Red Sox manager is Pena, Farrell, Gene Lamont, Joe Torre, or Kenny Powers.

As long as he commands the respect of the men in the clubhouse, is open to engaging in active dialogue with Cherington and his crew in baseball operations (stay out, Larry), and is the choice of the GM, then he will be a good selection.

Let’s see if the Sox learn from their mistakes.

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