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It’s Finally Here

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You know you’re spoiled when four years elapse, and it feels like it has been an eternity. October 2009 certainly feels like a hell of a long time ago, but maybe that’s what happens when it’s over before you even know it. After spending the last three postseasons devoid of the Red Sox, I couldn’t be any more excited about this afternoon’s game.

We deserve it.

Baseball fans, the ones who follow the game on a day-to-day basis, are a rare breed. Anyone can sit down on a Sunday and dedicate three hours to watch a football game. It’s not easy to allocate that amount of timeĀ  — sometimes more — on a nightly basis. We’re all busy. Families and careers take precedent. But many of us find the time. It comes after kids go to bed, when it’s the bottom of the third and our team has two on and no out. Sometimes, it’s in the car, between errands, when we catch fragmented pieces of the game through the voices of Joe Castiglione and Dave O’Brien.

Being a baseball fan requires a level of sacrifice. We exchange hours of sleep for innings when the Red Sox head to the West Coast. Off days are date nights–just to keep everyone happy. If we’re unable to catch the game, we’re constantly checking in on the score. It sounds a bit silly, but sometimes, it’s tough to do (imagine how the players must feel).

As fans, we participate in a sort of grand wager. We make bets. Our time and money serve as chips that we slide towards the center of the table with the hope of a big payday. 2013 has already served as a nice profit. Tomorrow is the first step towards claiming the jackpot. Enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “It’s Finally Here

  1. Well said. Happy to say I am one of those baseball fans. I feel bad for those who are not!

  2. Well said. Glad to say I am one of those baseball fans. I feel bad for those who are not!

  3. neil fitzgibbons on said:

    Wow! I even caught game 2 innings 7-8.5 tonight (in Georgia) and I’m excited for the Sox. Maybe we will have a Series with 2 Boston teams? I.e., “da Braves.” Bunk at my place if needed. Now listen to the Holy Father and get married so y’all can hurry up and have children to put to bed while you catch the game.

    • Neil, I’m just catching up with some blog maintenance. Sorry for not responding sooner. If the Braves and the Red Sox ever lock up in an “all Boston World Series” — I’d have to take you up on that. Hope things are well! Still can’t believe the Red Sox won it all.

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