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Hard Hittin’ Carlos Quentin Heads West

Carlos Quentin is heading home. Two second tier pitching prospects will head from San Diego to the South Side of Chicago in exchange for Quentin. TSWD first learned of the deal after a post by Mike Axisa of surfaced early this afternoon. Quentin is an extremely talented player at the plate. Dustin Pedroia’s MVP Award in 2008 may have likely been handed to Quentin if it weren’t for a costly injury down the stretch. In only 130 games that year, Quentin collected 36 homeruns. The two-time American League All Star belted 24 jacks in 2011. Once again, Quentin could not stay on the field, playing in only 118 games.

There had been whispers that Quentin could be a candidate to fill the right field vacancy for the Red Sox this spring. On paper, it sounds great. He is right handed, an endangered species within the Red Sox lineup. He hits for power, and he would not have cost the Red Sox too, too much. Why not, right?

I have to believe that aside from his spotty injury history, Quentin did not meet what the Red Sox are looking for defensively from their right fielder. Look, the Red Sox can mash with any team in the league. They can go crooked number for crooked number with any team on any given night. The Seattle Mariners were the only team to get less production out of their right field position. It is safe to say the Red Sox are not expecting their 2012 right fielder to win the Silver Slugger Award. Therefore, it would not make sense for the Red Sox to knowingly sacrifice defense to gain more offense at the right field spot. Conversely, Quentin will provide San Diego, an offensively anemic team, a much-needed boost at the plate. It may seem silly but Ryan Sweeney is an exponentially more attractive player to the Red Sox because he plays a superb right field, despite the fact that he is another left handed bat, and he slugs like David Eckstein.

I still believe, like most, that the Red Sox will still target a cheap right handed bat. Ryan Ludwick and Cody Ross have been discussed ad nauseum. If the Sox choose to sit tight and head into the spring with Mike Aviles, Ryan Sweeney, and Darnell McDonald that will be just fine with me.

Happy New Year to all three (counting myself) of my readers. Be safe and be sure to check back each day for continued blogs and updates.

WTWT (What to Watch Tonight): Big time battle on the hardwood right now between Ohio St. and Indiana. Bruins will face off against the Dallas Stars tonight at 8. My puckhead buddies say when these two teams meet, it’s usually a bruiser of a game.

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