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Closing Arguments

I feel like I was sold a product that turned out to be a far cry from what the salesman presented on the showroom floor. It’s not that I feel like I was cheated. Instead, I’m just kind of confused.

Wasn’t Bobby Valentine supposed to be the smartest man in the room? I’m pretty sure he was billed as the guy who was going to hold court with the media, manipulating the media with his every word, right?

But that didn’t happen.

Instead, he seemed like he was constantly searching for the right phrase to use in press conferences. His post-game interviews with Jenny Dell were brutal. It wasn’t Valentine’s fault that “Jenn-ay” (Forrest Gump’s voice) knows as much about baseball as Snowball, my sister’s dog, but did he really have to do that weird stare into the camera? I mean Jenny freakin’ Dell is to your right. Don’t look at me. Look at her for Christ’s sake.

Valentine proved to be more awkward than charismatic. He was decidedly unfunny, often making odd remarks that could not be easily determined as either jokes or serious comments. I honestly believe that he truly didn’t know what he meant most of the time.

Whether it was in pressers or radio interviews, Valentine was often passive-aggressive. It was like he really believed he was above the people he was speaking to, like he somehow possessed some sort of superior brand of knowledge when it came to not only baseball, but life too. That sort of disposition doesn’t play well here.

Valentine’s firing has been met with more celebration than it probably deserves. He is not the devil. Removing him, in and of itself, is not going transform a team that ended its season with 93 losses, into a championship organization.

But it is a step in the right direction.

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